Policy and advocacy

We help you identify the core objectives of your advocacy campaign, shape a strategy and implement it accordingly to best reach to European and national policymakers.

We draft position papers to support your lobbying strategies.

We assist you in identifying and coordinating with potential allies. 

We organise appointments and represent you at meetings with representatives from public institutions, professional associations and private stakeholders. 

We prepare press releases, arrange interviews with European media and organise PR events.

Legal expertise

We develop legal arguments to support your business strategies & negotiations or your enforcement actions.

We conduct comparative analyses of the EU, US and Latin American legal regimes.


We monitor European and national legislative developments in your areas of interest, including (but not limited to) IPRs, enforcement, digital agenda, sports, competition, and cultural policies. 

Studies and projects

We help you identify EU funding programmes to fit your ideas, projects and innovative processes in.

We carry out studies on the basis of desk researches, network contacts and/or stakeholders' surveys.

We assist you in developing your methodology and help you define the scope of the assignment.