I am a legal and policy expert with more than 10 years of experience in counselling and representing companies and public institutions of the entertainment, audiovisual, media, sports, innovation and cultural sectors.

My areas of expertise encompass copyright and neighbouring rights, intellectual property protection and enforcement, e-commerce, data protection, consumer protection, at EU and national levels, including the trade aspects pertaining to the distribution and diffusion of IP-protected materials in and outside the EU.

I have gained a unique legal and policy expertise in the audiovisual and music sectors through my collaborations with a consultancy specialised in cultural and creative industries as well as with a renowned law firm.

My participation in EU-funded projects and studies while working in a Belgian university's research centre has reinforced my analytical skills.

I am a Spanish native fluent in English and French and with a fair knowledge of German.

For more information on my background, please visit my linkedin profile.